Flappy Bird Latest Version APK

Flappy Bird, a diversion so straightforward with extremely insignificant designs and average amusement play interface yet it is the#1 most downloaded on the App Store.

Flappy Bird Latest Version APK

So how does a diversion with zero advertising spend shoot to the highest point of the App Store rankings, a detect that numerous have evaluated can cost over $80,000 through paid client obtaining?

Dong Nyugen, the maker of Flappy Bird has never spent a solitary penny for publicizing of the App, albeit some propose that he may have utilized bot benefit at first to download and survey his application however this couldn’t be the solitary motivation to sling it to #1.

Flappy Bird out of the blue, he will undoubtedly flop pitiably so he unquestionably give it one more attempt. This is the place Mr.Dong Nyugen upgraded by putting a little ‘survey application’ catch alongside Try Again catch which would divert them to the App Store audit page.


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