flappy bird play

It will take more time for you to peruse this clarification of how Flappy Bird functions than it would for you to download it (for nothing) on your iOS or Android gadget and see totally all that it does direct. Your winged animal flies gradually and relentlessly to one side, through an impediment course of rather commonplace looking funnels. flappy bird play online

Each set you pass gets you a “ding” and a point. Simply tap to fold. Be that as it may, for as basic as it sounds, it typically just takes milliseconds to get your first goading taste of annihilation. It’s just plain obvious, our little pixelated legend is anything but a decent flier. He doesn’t such a great amount of coast as he ungracefully bops like a cast-press angling draw being pulled against the current. He’s additionally harrowed with a most uncommon and sadly lethal hypersensitivity to green funnels – dropping dead from even the most brief contact with them. On the off chance that this doesn’t sound extremely fun, this is on account of it isn’t… not in the customary feeling of the word at any rate.

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