gaming keyboard programmable keys


RGB backdrop illumination – The K55 has a three-zone RGB backdrop illumination. This makes the console more moderate, however it does not have all the adaptability and dynamic impacts that can be seen with per-key backdrop illumination. Regardless, despite everything it looks extraordinary and is effortlessly redone with Corsair’s own product utility. gaming keyboard arrow keys

Separable wrist rest – The basic elastic wrist rest that accompanies the console can be disengaged voluntarily. It isn’t the most agreeable one around, however it is still very great, considering the sticker price.

Large scale keys – Located at the furthest left piece of the console are six committed full scale keys which make it simple to do complex summons with a solitary keystroke. Macros are recorded with the “MR” (full scale record) catch situated alongside the media keys.

Our Thoughts

The K55 might be “only” a film console, however as should be obvious, it doesn’t depend exclusively on RGB to make a deal

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