As men, we often forget the importance of taking care of the skin below the neckline. That’s a shame because you need to think of your skin as one big organ. In fact, most experts agree it’s the largest organ of the body.

In this part of the grooming guide, I’m going to walk you through the particulars for different parts of your upper and lower torso with a focus on skincare and appearance.
A) Body Hair and Manscaping

Tips 64-67:

If you are a guy with excessive body hair and want to manscape at home, you’ll need to use a number of high quality products. See this men’s guide on how to trim your privates for more information.
If you have back hair and it bothers you, there are ways to have this removed. One option is through laser treatments. Visit your dermatologist for more information.
If you want to remove hair from the back at home, you can. The Body Groomer is a favorite of many. See Amazon for price.
If you want to remove the hair from your buttocks area, you’ll need to use special care. For specifics on how to shave your butt, visit this buttocks hair removal page for men.

B) Body Moisturizing for Men

Men’s Beauty Tips 68-75:

Always use a moisturizer after showering or bathing. There are many on the market to choose from and the product you use needs to be linked to your skin type (dry, oily, normal).
Avoid time in the sun if possible to prevent skin damage. If you simply can’t avoid it, use a sunblock with a minimum of SPF 30.
Avoid tanning beds and instead, opt for a sunless tanner. You can pick these up at most drug stores.
When showering, do not use “soaps”. Instead, opt for a moisturizing cleanser. A great choice is Anthony Logistics Body Wash. See Amazon for pricing.
Occasionally, use a loofa sponge when showering as an exfoliator. This will remove dead skin cells and other debris to deliver softer, more supple skin.
Consider an exfoliating body scrub for men at least once a week. Brooklyn Botany carries a powerful product. You can buy at some department stores or online at Amazon.
If you go for massage regularly, ask your masseur to use an oil that doesn’t clog pores.
During cold weather, always double or triple layer to keep torso covered. Below zero temperatures can rob your dermal layer of moisture – instantly.

C) Men’s Penile Care: Moisturizing

This may seem like an odd area to cover when giving men’s beauty tips but it’s critical we touch on it. Just like the rest of your body, your penis is covered by skin.

The problem is most guys don’t moisturize this area of the body because they don’t think it’s important. In truth, penile care is linked to how it appears and how it feels during functioning.
Penile care tips:

Men’s Beauty Tips 76-80:

Always wash your penis with moisturizing cleanser (see area above).
After showering or bathing, apply a moisturizer that is specifically designed for this area. Many men swear by a product called Man1 Oil. See Amazon for pricing.
When in cold weather, make sure your privates are properly layered. There have been cases of men getting frostbite and losing their manhood per government reports.
Use caution when manscaping in this area for obvious reasons.
Use caution with zippers and always use a slow motion when zipping up.

men’s leg skin care
Men’s grooming tips legs and feet

If you are a guy, there’s a good chance you wear shorts during warm weather. Not to generalize, you probably also don’t focus on this area when moisturizing.

I’m listing here because the legs are an important area of focus as part of total men’s skin care.

Men’s Beauty Tips: 81-90:

When wearing shorts outdoors, apply a moisturizer that contains a SPF 30 sunblock or higher.
During wintertime, it’s important to apply extra moisturizer to your legs because extremities (legs) are one of the first body parts to chaff. Opt for “extra strength” products, such as the ones made by the folks at Gold bond.
If you are wearing socks (short or high) make sure you apply additional moisturizer around the ankles.
If you manscape your legs, always use a fresh razor with the right shaving product (see area A under manscapping ).
Trim toenails at least once a month with a durable clipper.
Consider getting a pedicure from time to time. More and more, guys are doing this.
To remove excess skin from the heel of your foot and around the pads, pick up a pumas stone. You can get these at many drug stores.
If you have rough heels, consider soaking in warm water for at least 15 minutes.
Use foot powder in your shoes to keep feet dry. Some men sprinkle into their sox.
Moisturize your feet like any body part. Do this after every shower and be sure to cover the entire foot.

Men’s Beauty Tips: Bonus Tips
Men’s grooming tips bonus info

Now that we’ve covered the entire body from head to toe, it’s time to move on to general beauty and grooming tips for guys. Some of these you may already know. Others might surprise you!

Men’s Beauty Tips: 91-110:

Use a woody cologne to broadcast a manly vibe. See this guide for the best cologne options for men.
Don’t smoke cigarettes because they are scientifically known to cause premature aging and hair loss.
Apply a retinol moisturizer to your face and neck several times a week. This helps to encourage collagen growth. There are many on the market. Elimis makes an excellent product for men. See Amazon.
Drink at least 10 glasses of water per day to keep your body hydrated.
Avoid sugary soft drinks as they are known to rob the skin of vital nutrients.
Take a men’s multi-vitamin as the nutrients will help to replenish important stores of Vitamin A, C and E in your dermal layer.
Consider drinking a cup of green tea each day. The anti-oxidants are known to replenish skin and kill free radicals.
Use the right type of brush on your hair.
If you want to color your hair, you can do it at home but your best option is to visit a professional stylist.
Be mindful of posture. Over the course of time, slouching can cause your bone structure to give you an “old man” look.
If you have light colored eyes, like hazel or green, wear sunglasses. Research shows men with lighter eye shade colors are more prone to certain ocular cancers.
Make sure you have the right grooming kit with you when traveling. See my men’s grooming kit ideas page for more insight.
Don’t forget to trim around your ear canal and earlobes.
Tilt your head in mirror and assess nose hair situation. If you see hairs sticking out, use a trimmer to remove.
Consider using a collagen mask from time to time to restore lost collagen stores on the face.
Some men opt for Botox as a pathway to wrinkle prevention.
Dermal fillers may be an option for hollowed out eyes, temples and cheeks. Talk to your dermatologist.

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