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If you’ve stumbled across this page, there’s a good chance you’re a guy searching for pointers on men’s beauty tips. In fact, a lot of men just like you found this page simply by typing: “Beauty tips for men” right into Google.

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Does this describe you?

If so, you aren’t alone. I’ve found that men are eager to learn all they can about personal care. Specifically, guys are interested in skin care routines, hair care products and the best ways to fight signs of aging.

But here’s the thing.

Because of our unspoken “bro-code”, we men don’t talk to each other about such topics.

We just don’t.

Maybe that’s why a recent research study found that the majority of guys seek out personal care information from the privacy of their home – meaning online.

Here’s a video of Aaron Marino; someone I give credit to for being super direct with his 12 men’s grooming (beauty) tips for guys. Why can’t we all be this way?

Men’s beauty tips you can use

As a men’s counselor that specializes in wellness issues, I completely get it. The bro-code is what is.

That’s why I decided to write this article. My hope is to offer you real male grooming tips in a straight forward, easy to understand way.

I’d like to give you a little background to help put things into context.
Men are searching for “beauty” info

Remember the “bro-code” I mentioned earlier? Because we don’t talk to one another about certain things, we’ve been left to figure some of this stuff out on our own.

For years, the male personal care industry has tried to make “men’s grooming” work. But in my opinion, it’s failed miserably. Honestly, how many people do you know that say things like: “Hey, do you have any men’s grooming tips?”

Let me guess – probably no one. I sure as heck don’t.

So, until someone comes up with a term that guys search for on how to look more handsome, I’ll be sticking with what guys input into the search engines.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to why you are here!

What follows are 110 men’s beauty tips for men. To help prepare this piece, I’ve consulted with a number of dermatologists and skin care experts. The goal is to give you the best advice to keep you looking sharp.

We’ll start at the top of the head and work down to the feet. It just seemed like the easiest way to do it.

For each suggestion, I’ve given some “how to” information plus product recommendations where necessary. The links go directly to either Amazon or product’s manufacturer.

As a matter of full disclosure, I am an affiliate for Amazon and Carhartt. Just leveling with you for the sake of transparency.

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