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OGWhatsApp gives you a chance to introduce two WhatsApp applications on a solitary Android gadget by permitting you utilize various numbers for WhatsApp. The ascent of Android gadgets with double sim abilities is expanding however unfortunately enough WhatsApp does not consider, this implies you can purchase a double sim Android gadget and you would be permitted to utilize just a single telephone number to actuate just a single WhatsApp application yet with OG WhatsApp you can utilize different telephone numbers to enlist various WhatsApp gadgets on a solitary or double sim Android gadget.  ogwhatsapp date error


Step by step instructions to Use Two WhatsApp Accounts with OGWhatsapp

Download OGWhatsApp from Here

It doesn’t require root, so every Android User can utilize it

Make a Backup of your WhatsApp messages, on the off chance that you need to keep those messages. To complete a message Backup – Go into WhatsApp Settings – Chat Settings – Save Conversations

Leave WhatsApp, Go to the Phone Settings – Applications – Locate WhatsApp and Clear Data

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