Proffessional best router

I utilize a similar association speed here in the US, and I can disclose to you that QOS in any frame will cause you a greater number of issues than you as of now have. I have attempted it on my nighthawk switch and it admirable motivation higher pings. Its incredible in the event that you have to really control data transfer capacity per gadget since it will (for the most part) shield one gadget from hoarding everything, except my pings in overwatch went from 40-50 when I am the just a single playing, and around 80-140 when another person is utilizing the web to averaging around 500 or as high as 800 with QOS empowered. I will flip it on every once in a while in the event that I am attempting to watch netflix or something while another person is additionally utilizing the web, however I generally turn it off before gaming.  wireless routers for market

well when I play Overwatch my ping is around 80-90 and on the off chance that somebody utilizes the web like for youtube or something it goes up de 1300 however I feel that restricting the bandwith to 2MB and let that 1MB free well help.

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