wiss folding pocket knife reviews

How about we investigate the highlights:

It has a “titanium covering on hardened steel cutting edge” that Wiss says is 3 times harder than treated steel, for longer life and “a top of the line look.”

Titanium, eh? I get it’s TiN or TiCN, whichever is less expensive. I despise it when brands utilize “titanium covered” rather than more exact descriptors.

What sort of hardened steel is it produced using? They were going for a “top of the line look?” That’s not how I would portray what I see.  folding pocket knife usage

Proceeding onward… the blade has a Tanto-style sharp edge, with a penetrating tip and a halfway serrated front line. Wiss says this gives greatest utility.

It highlights double thumb studs and spring-helped edge opening system. What’s more, a coordinated edge secure holds it decidedly position. Umm… that is not a casing lock. (At any rate not contrasted with blades with fundamental edge bolt outlines.)

The Zero Tolerance 0450 blade I looked into has a fundamental casing lock. My Spyderco Techno, which I additionally audited, has a necessary casing lock.

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